Firefighter Reserve Program


To provide a written source of information regarding the Reserve Firefighter Program.


The Reserve Firefighter Program is a training program administered by the Fire District Training Officer. It is designed to give on the job experience to those individuals seeking to become career firefighters while augmenting engine company personnel.

The minimum requirements to be eligible for the Reserve position are as follows:

18 years of age
California Drivers License
CSFTES Firefighter 1 Certificate
EMT-1 Certificate

Testing process will consist of the following:
Physical agility test
Oral interview
District medical examination

The Reserve Firefighter will be assigned to a shift and issued a training manual detailing the training expectations. The Reserve is required to work a minimum of 24 hours each shift cycle (two shifts).
The district will absorb the cost of a comprehensive medical evaluation. Reserve will be issued one Class B uniform, and full protective gear. Upon exiting the program the Reserve will return the class B uniform and protective gear.

Reserve Firefighters are expected to follow all District Rules and Regulations, Standards of Performance, Administrative and Operational policies, and all other applicable policies. The Reserve will not be considered part of minimum staffing nor shall they work shift vacancies.

For more information contact Josh McHugh or Danny Gemma at 415 388-8182.