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C.E.R.T. Leadership Council

The Southern Marin CERT organization is comprised of Public Safety Professionals, Southern Marin CERT Division Supervisors & Community Leaders. The council sets short, medium and long range goals and objectives for the CERT program. Planning for future growth of the program, organizing and conducting advanced CERT trainings, and communicating information to CERT trained members in the community are among the other responsibilities of the council. Committees have been established to address specific areas of concern such as emergency communications and finance issues.


Southern Marin CERT Program Coordinator

Sarah Hirschi

Assistant CERT Coordinator & Public Relations
Southern Marin Fire District

Randy Engler

Senior Captain
Marin County Fire Dept.

Reva Saper

Marin County DC3

Nan Paget

Secretary of Council

Tom Jordan

Project Consultant

Elisabeth Thomas-Matej

Southern Marin RACES Liaison
SM CERT Communication Supervisor

Our Mission

Southern Marin Fire Protection District strives for excellence in the performance of our duty and service to the community and the customers we serve. We are committed in finding better ways of protecting the lives and property of our citizens from the ravages of fire and other disasters and devoted in working together for the betterment of our community.


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