Fire Prevention Bureau

The Southern Marin Fire Protection District Fire Prevention Bureau provides fire prevention, fire hazard inspections, community development plan checking and approval, and fire code enforcement to citizens living within the Fire District boundaries.

Download this file (SMFD_WUI Map 12-2010.pdf)Southern Marin Fire WUI (Wildland Urban Interface) Map[Map of all WUI parcels in Southern Marin Fire's District ]337 kB
Download this file (SMFD_WUI_Parcels_2011 by address.pdf)WUI - Wildland Urban Interface Parcels by address[Southern Marin Fire Parcels that are located in the WUI]2724 kB
Download this file (SMFD_WUI_Parcel_Based_Rev_01.pdf)WUI - Wildland Urban Interface by parcels numbers [List of WUI parcels in the Southern Marin Fire District listed by parcel numbers]3682 kB